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Evzonas - Blue - 100% Silk Scarf Made in Italy

Evzonas - Blue - 100% Silk Scarf Made in Italy

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Explore the Rich Heritage of Greece with Our Evzoni Scarf.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Greek valor and tradition with our exquisite Evzoni Scarf. This scarf is a tribute to the iconic tsoliades, the valiant soldiers of the Greek army, and their rich historical attire introduced by King Otto of Greece. It's an accessory that intertwines fashion with history, making it a remarkable addition to your wardrobe.

Eco-Friendly Elegance in Every Thread

Crafted from luxurious silk twill, our scarf represents a fusion of elegance and environmental consciousness. This commitment to sustainable fashion ensures that each scarf is as beneficial to the environment as it is beautiful.

With our Evzoni Scarf, you carry a piece of Greece's heroic legacy, a timeless accessory that blends historical significance with contemporary style. Elevate your collection with this unique scarf, a symbol of Greek history and craftsmanship

Symbolism & Meaning

Captivating Details of the Evzoni

  • The Fario: This scarf showcases the elegant Fario, a symbol of status among the affluent in Greece. The bold red color and sophisticated black silk tassel of the Fario are emblematic of Greek resilience, echoing the solemnity of Christ’s tear at the Crucifixion.

  • The Fermeli: Woven into the fabric are the detailed patterns of the fermeli, a vest imbued with deep cultural significance. The design features intricate white and gold threads, depicting traditional motifs, including the "X" and "O," signifying Christian Orthodox heritage.

  • The Tsarouchia: The iconic tsarouchia shoes, renowned for their craftsmanship and robustness, are also featured. The depiction of these red leather shoes, complete with black tassels and 60 nails, embodies the strength and resolve of the Evzoni.

A Celebration of Ceremonial Duties

This scarf is a testament to the Evzoni's ceremonial roles, from their vigilant guarding of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier to their honored escort of the Holy Light from Jerusalem. It commemorates their presence in historical events and parades, from New York's 5th Avenue to significant anniversaries in Greek history.


  • Size: 90 cm x 90 cm
  • Material: 100% silk twill
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