Collection: Swimwear

Enter the fabulous world of Mon Cherie Swimwear by Liliana Sacaza, a collection that marries Milanese sophistication with New York’s vibrant energy, all under the loving gaze of Parisian inspiration. Created by the experienced Liliana Sacaza, this range of luxury swimwear - from elegant one piece swimsuits for women to stunning bikinis and cover ups - embodies a youthful elegance, meticulously crafted from exclusive fabrics to accentuate and celebrate the female form.

Liliana’s decade-long journey in the fashion world, punctuated by her time with prestigious stylists in Milan and her frequent visits to Paris—the city of light and love—has culminated in this stunning collection. Mon Cherie, meaning ‘my darling’ in French, is a tribute to the Parisian allure that consistently fuels Liliana’s creativity, resulting in swimwear that is as charming and sophisticated as it is empowering.

Every piece in this collection is handmade, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail, with colors ranging from stunning bright swimwear to classic black and white. The fabrics not only captivate the eyes but also perform excellently in water and on the beach, promising durability and comfort. Mon Cherie Swimwear is about embracing luxury and style without compromising on quality, creating wearable art for women who want to feel confident, elegant, and timeless.

Discover Mon Cherie Swimwear by Liliana Sacaza—where elegance meets the beach, and luxury meets wearable design. Embrace the charm, sophistication, and quality of a collection designed to make you feel as darling and cherished as the name itself suggests.