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Amethyst Tree & 7 Chakra Tree of Life

Amethyst Tree & 7 Chakra Tree of Life

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Rooted in Serenity, Blossoming with Energy – Harmonize Your Space with Nature's Splendor.

Embrace the harmony and elegance of natural splendor with our "Amethyst Tree" and "7 Chakra Tree of Life" – two exquisite pieces that blend artistic craftsmanship with the mystical attributes of precious stones. Each tree, standing proudly on an amethyst geode base, is not just a decorative item but a beacon of tranquility for your home or office.

Amethyst Tree: This stunning piece features mini amethyst stones, each one carefully selected for its deep violet hues and clarity. Known for its calming energies, amethyst is often associated with enhanced intuition and mental clarity, making it a perfect companion for meditation and relaxation. Whether it's nestled amongst books on a shelf or taking center stage on your coffee table, this tree promises to be a conversation starter that also promotes a serene atmosphere.

7 Chakra Tree of Life: A vibrant spectrum of gemstones adorns this tree, each representing one of the seven chakras, creating a visual and spiritual symphony. From the grounding red jasper to the enlightening rock crystal, this tree is a celebration of balance and inner peace. It serves as a colorful reminder to remain connected to your inner self and the universe, helping to align your chakras and invite a flow of positive energy.

Both variations are handcrafted with an eye for beauty and a soul for nurturing, making each tree unique with slight variations that tell their own story. The trees are not just ornaments but talismans that carry the whispers of the earth's wisdom through their stones. Let them stand as guardians of positivity in your space, enhancing the ambiance and deepening your spiritual journey.

Note: The natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product due to the handcrafted nature of these items.

Size: approximately 9-12 cm x 7-8 cm

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