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A Symphony of Dance | Pen and Ink Watercolor Painting

A Symphony of Dance | Pen and Ink Watercolor Painting

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Experience the Melody of Movement with 'A Symphony of Dance' – A Pen and Ink Watercolor Masterpiece on White Cardstock Paper.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of "A Symphony of Dance," a captivating pen and ink watercolor painting by the renowned Lebanese artist Abed Sabeh. Living in a picturesque hamlet in Tuscany, Italy, Abed masterfully blends traditional techniques with contemporary themes, transforming his art into poetic expressions engraved on the canvas of life.

This exquisite piece, created on white cardstock paper, measures 37 x 28 cm (14.57 x 11.02 inches) on a larger sheet of paper measuring 42 x 29.7 cm (16.54 x 11.7 inches). The painting vividly captures the essence of music through the graceful movements of women dancing amidst a flurry of colorful music notes. Their fluid motions and synchronized steps embody the harmony and rhythm of the melody, creating a visual symphony that enchants the viewer.

Each brushstroke and ink line in this pen and ink watercolor painting reflects Abed Sabeh's passion for turning everyday human behaviors and emotions into timeless works of art. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition invite you to feel the music, lose yourself in the dance, and connect emotionally with the scene.

Bring home "A Symphony of Dance" and let this stunning artwork fill your space with the joyous harmony of movement and melody, a true testament to the artist's ability to translate the beauty of life into art.

Sold unframed

About the Artist

Abed Sabeh a Lebanese artist living in the bucolic hamlet of Busatica in Tuscany, Italy. He enjoys mixing the old with the new, turning his art into a poem engraved on a memorial stone. He's been creating art for several decades - it’s his passion. He loves creating art that translates our human behaviors and daily lives into pieces of art.

You can discover more of his work at


  • Medium: Pen and ink watercolor painting
  • Sold unframed
  • Paper: White cardstock paper
  • Painting dimensions: 37 x 28 cm (14.57 x 11.02 inches)
  • Paper dimensions 42 x 29.7 cm (11.7 x 16.54 inches)
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